Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New documents, local rules corrections, recent entry changes

New Documents

Direct link to Turn-point Exchange turn-point map added to documents page.
Turnpoint decoder document added (turn-point list in numerical order).

Local Rules Corrections

An updated version will be added soon to correct
1) 2.8 refers to Woolpunda as TP number 10 it is number 002
2) Maggea is listed as 113MAGG it is 03MAGG

Recent Entry Changes

Two additions to Standard Class
  • Makoto Ichikawa, Ls8x
  • Claire Scutter, Ls4

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Facebook link and Recent Entry Changes

Multiclass on Facebook ....

Recent Entry Changes ....

Open Class - Cath Conway (Stemme S10VT) out, Brad Edwards (JS1c) in

15m Class - Peter Trotter (ASW20A) out, James Nugent (Ls3a) in

Saturday, 13 December 2014

News on Airspace Files

Unfortunately the R265 airspace will be active (RAAF) for at least 12-16 Jan (the last week of the comp). This wasn’t the case at the competition in Jan 2014. Also the boundary of R265D is closer to Waikerie after the boundary realignment in May 2014 so this will have a bigger impact.

This significantly complicates the airspace. We could task to the east, however it would be a shame if it was a cracker day over the hills and we couldn’t use it. It is likely that we will be able to negotiate for a portion of R265C and R265D to be released for gliding (known as the Clare release).

So there are three airspace files (under the rules referred to as the competition area boundary since they include buffers).

·         Comp Area 1 is the boundary at the start of the comp (and the practice period).
·         Comp Area 2 is the boundary when R265 is active.
·         Comp Area 3 is the boundary when R265 is active and we have a Clare release (assuming a release to FL125).

The plan is to brief which file is applicable for the day at the daily briefing and include it on the task sheet.

All three airspace files are available on the Blogsite "Documents" section.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Recent changes to Nationals Rules approved

  • Recent amendments to Nationals Rules
    1) Rule 14.1 - Each glider entered must have ....
    Competition identification painted or pasted in a contrasting colour on each side of the vertical fin /
    rudder in symbols of the largest reasonable size – unless the full glider registration is marked on the boom.
    2) Rule 37.5 - Altitude will be reported in feet AMSL. Altitude recorded in the FDR will be taken as accurate to +/- 100ft in the pilot’s favour.  This rule will not apply